AES 256 IP on Xilinx App Store


AES 256 IP on Xilinx App Store Home / Whitepaper / AES 256 IP on Xilinx App Store The Xilinx App Store makes it easy for one to evaluate, purchase, and deploy accelerated applications using cloud-based services or on-premises PC systems as per requirements. It offers a powerful platform to host, market, and sell one’s

Accelerated Application Development on Amazon EC2 F1

Accelerated Application Development on Amazon EC2 F1

Accelerated Application Development on Amazon EC2 F1 Home / Whitepaper / Accelerated Application Development on Amazon EC2 F1 The AWS FPGA Development Kit is a set of development and runtime tools for designing, debugging, compiling, and running hardware-accelerated programs on Amazon EC2 F1 instances. The kit, which is available on GitHub, includes all documentation on Amazon EC2 F1,

Optimize Design Closure for an Effective FPGA Design System


Introduction Design entry, synthesis, implementation, and device programming are just a few of the stages or phases in the FPGA design flow. The implementation stage involves selecting and configuring an IP address, as well as creating the RTL and limitations. The implementation creates the file needed to program the device by using synthesis and place

Achieve High-Performance with Optimising Device Specifications in FPGA Design


Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are becoming an interesting alternative for next-generation High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems, with changeable fabrics delivering increased performance over time. However, the optimisation process of FPGA designs should be abstracted to a higher level to gain traction among traditional Von Neumann systems. Overall system performance, power consumption, thermal performance, and design cycle

FPGAs expansion in ADAS – Autonomous Driving


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems): An autonomous vehicle, often known as a driverless automobile, is able to operate itself and perform important tasks without the need for human intervention thanks to its ability to understand its environment. Self-driving cars utilize a variety of sensors to sense their surroundings, including thermographic cameras, radar, lidar, sonar, GPS,

Edge Computing: a complement to Cloud Computing or is a better alternative?

Edge computing Thumb

Edge computing vs Cloud computing: Edge computing is a distributed computing concept that moves computation and storage closer to the data sources. This should reduce response times and save bandwidth. An edge is a computer located at the network’s edge, as well as the hardware and software that resides there. This is where edge computing

FPGA Design, Architecture and Applications

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FPGA Design: An FPGA is a programmable logic device with a matrix of reconfigurable gate array logic circuits. When an FPGA is configured, the internal circuitry is coupled in such a way that the software program is implemented in hardware. Unlike processors, FPGAs process logic on dedicated hardware and do not have an operating system.

ARINC 818-2 standard: overview and its characteristics

ARINC 818 2

ARINC 818-2 standard: In the aircraft, a growing amount of information is given in the form of photographs, which passes through a complex video system before reaching the display in the cockpit and crew. Infrared and other wavelength sensors, optical cameras, radars, flight recorders, map/chart systems, synthetic sights, image integration systems, multifunctional head-up, and heads-down

ARINC: The Ultimate Guide To Modern Avionics Protocol [2023]


What is ARINC? The ARINC Corporation is a privately held organization that stands for Aeronautical Radio, Inc. It is, however, a firm that collaborates with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to develop aviation communication and navigation standards. As a result, the boundary between business and government might be a

FPGA: Technology, Development, and Market trends in the New Decade

FPGA 1030x541 1

The Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) industry is expected to grow in the coming years as more military and aerospace applications, such as waveform generation, image processing, and secure communication, adopt FPGAs. Demand for FPGA is expected to increase due to increased adoption in areas such as security, network processing, and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This

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