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A trusted and recognized R&D house in the design and development of telecommunications and data communications products worldwide.


Logic Fruit has demonstrated its ability to successfully design data communications and telecommunications equipment designs for its clients as seen by several fruitful product developments. Logic Fruit uses a ‘Top-down-Bottom-up’ development methodology resulting in Designs that are ready to manufacture and deployment. We are globally recognized as a top-tier company for telecommunications and data communications design.

Our experience ranges from developing full Industry compliant telecommunications products to low-cost consumer-oriented communications products for small markets. Logic Fruit’s vast range of experience in various verticals makes us exceptionally capable of developing the next generation of network equipment.

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Areas of Expertise
Group 7329

Wireless backhaul Modems

Group 7330

OFDM/CDMA based Modem

Group 7331

Gigabit ethernet (upto 100G)

Group 7332

Video Broadcast IPs- DVI, MPEG-2/4, VC-1, H.264

Group 7333

1G and 10G VHDL TCP/IP stack

Group 7334

Secured NIC Card

Group 7335

OTN and STM6

Group 7336


Group 7337


Group 7338

T1/E1, T3, DS1/DS3, VoIP, Muxing

Group 7339

Packet switching

Group 7350


Group 7349



We work with innovative R&D leaders, project managers, and CTOs who need a proven, flexible partner that can provide extensive FPGA-centric expertise, prototyping capabilities, or another high throughput FPGA/SoC embedded solutions delivering a high-quality embedded solution they can trust. 

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FPGA Design

FPGA prototyping | IP core development | High-speed protocols

Hardware Design

High speed/complex board design | Mechanical design | Certified Quality

Embedded Software Development

BSP | Device Drivers | Multiple OS support

Turnkey Product development

Data Acquisition | Image & Video Processing | Security & Surveillance | Satellite Communication

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