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Logic Fruit specializes in complex, real-time, high throughput FPGA based heterogeneous systems and proof-of-concept designs that require FPGA/SOC based design, real-time data acquisition, analysis and digital signal processing.

Company Overview

Logic Fruit Technologies is a Product Engineering & Design Services provider and deploys embedded solutions for customers around the world. The company has specific experience in FPGA Design & hardware design, RTL IP Design, the variety of high speed digital protocols, communication buses such as PCIe, Ethernet(10G/100G), DIGRF, SATA, STM16/64, and HDMI. Logic Fruit team also expertises in software-defined radio (SDR) IPs, as well as encryption, signal generation, data analysis, and multiple Image Processing Techniques. Recently Logic Fruit Technologies, having itself established in traditional use cases of complex FPGA designs, is making strides in latest AI/ML and in-line processing use cases for heterogenous applications.

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accelerate the world’s transition to embedded technology.
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Logic Fruit empowers its customers to achieve business and technological success by providing premium R&D services in electronics high-tech domains.



To become an indispensable partner to its customers in the electronics high-tech industry by providing faster and effective solutions delivered by best-in-class people.

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Core Values
Ownership and Accountability
Proactive & Innovative Thinking
Continuous Improvement
Collaboration and Growth
Trust and Respect
Timely Delivery
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Awards & Certifications

Logic Fruit’s Quality management system is a mixture of best practices and capabilities that leads to high level of quality processes. Incessant enhancement in quality management system is a trademark of Logic Fruit’s high quality standards over the years.

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With an executive leadership team averaging in 20+ years of industry experience per member, we have a perfect mix of experienced mentors, industry experts and young talented engineers ready to tackle new challenges with every project and help you stay ahead of the technology curve. 

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO

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Anil Nikhra

Principal Architect :


Sonu Sonkar

Mentor : Quality

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