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Mr. Vineet Goel

Mentor: Digital Interface

Brief Intro

Digital Design Expert and Digital Interface Team Mentor, he brings in 10+ years of industry experience in various fields like FPGA Development, Board Bring-up, High-Speed protocol Architecture Development. Prior to Logic Fruit, Vineet has worked in C-DOT and Agilent Technologies. Vineet was a FPGA designer at C-DOT and worked as high-speed protocol design architect at Agilent Technologies. Vineet has worked on architectural development and designing of many high-speed protocols like SDH, Fiber Channel, PCI-Express Gen1/Gen2/Gen3, HDMI, MHL, Dphy, Mphy etc. Over so many years, he has developed deep understanding of high-speed digital interfaces like DDR2/DDR3, gigabit transceivers etc.

Board of Directors


Sanjeev Kumar

Co-Founder &
Mentor Hardware

Anil Nikhra min

Anil Nikhra

Co-Founder &
Mentor Software

5 min

Sonu Sonkar

Mentor : Quality

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