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Scalable Data Acquisition System

A State-of-Art EtherCAT DAQ system with built-in signal conditioner; supports a wide array of inputs (Pressure, Voltage, Flow, Thermocouple and RTD); Up to 128 channels (16 cards each with 8 channels) are supported in a single chassis and multiple stacked chassis can be configured together, supporting 512 channels or more.

Main Features and Benefits of Aquila

128 channel Data Acquisition System with Built in Signal Conditioner.

19” Rack Mountable 9U chassis.

EtherCAT interface with Ring Architecture (with synchronization).

Scalable to 512 channels with 4 units cascaded on a single EtherCAT link.

Scalable to 512 Channels with 5ksps sampling rate and upto 1024 channels with ≤ 2ksps sampling rate.

Up to 16 sensor cards (6U size) of any type and any combination can be plugged in.

Inbuilt signal conditioning with Programmable Gain, Filter Cut-off frequency, Sampling Rate, Excitation Voltage etc.

Calibration for each of the channels.

Trend Plot for real time graphical representation for Time Domain, FFT and VRMS.

Capable of Online/Offline Processing of Acquired data.

Data transfer from DAS Controller to DAS Sever over TCP/IP.

Multicast displays connected to Server over UDP.

Main Features and Benefits of Aquila Mini

8 channels Data Acquisition System with Built in Signal Conditioner.

Standalone Variant which accommodates a single sensor card.

End-to-end solution for a single sensor application.

Same set of SW applications.

Portable for Lab applications, research projects and small-scale testing.

Scalable to multiple channels/sensors by cascading multiple units.


Scalable Data Acquisition System

Aquila is an EtherCAT DAQ system ideal for mission-critical testing applications involving a variety of sensors and demanding precise data synchronization. 1:1 redundancy for Power,Digitization circuitry, EtherCAT link, and Data acquisition nodes giving enough robustness against field set up failures. Linux-based SW applications for System configuration, calibration, acquisition, and data analysis. Also supports data transfer to Server over TCP/IP and Multicast displays. There is a Mini version designed for lab testing and research projects.


Key TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Scalable Data Acquisition System

Scalable Data Acquisition System


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