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We offer our customers turn-key embedded software design and development services, creating, testing, debugging, and validating solutions.

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We offer Embedded Software Design Services for a broad range of standard RTOS platforms and micro-kernels. Our solutions range from OS porting on Windows/Linux/RTOS/Android, protocol stack development, BSP development, Middleware & Firmware development, device drivers to application development for various platforms. 

Our expertise includes :

OS Porting/Development : Embedded Linux, OpenWRT, VxWorks, FreeRTOS, Integrity OS, Proprietary RTOS.

 Bootloader Development/Porting for different architecture platforms, Boot Time Optimization, driver development.

Driver Development : Bus Drivers(Ethernet, PCI-X, PCIe, HDMI, SRAM, DDRx, USB, UART, I2C, SPI etc), Wifi Drivers, Audio & Video Drivers, Camera Sensor Drivers, Display Drivers, eMMC drivers, EEPROM drivers, MAC drivers, Ethernet Switch drivers etc

Porting software stack on different hardware/OS with optimal performance & minimal memory footprint.

Experience on processor technology of Intel, PowerPC, Analog Devices and ARM

Development tools – JTAG, Emulators, simulators, Cross compilers

Digital signal processing  software algorithms and base band algorithm

Custom Software Development min

Our Services

api 1 min
Middleware and Custom API Development
  • Design and Implementation of HAL
  • Custom APIs for peripherals.
  • Customizing of display, media, storage, overlay and HMI framework.
  • Customization and enhancement of middleware.
cloud 1 min
Firmware Development
  • Board Bring up and verification
  • GUI Development
  • RTOS abstraction
  • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Developing of Wireless stack
  • Porting of protocol Stack
testing 1 1 min
  • Test case development
  • Diagnostics SW development
  • Test script development for test automation
  • Production test suite development
  • Test results analysis and reporting
Software Development 1 min
Application Development
  • Embedded applications
  • UI applications
  • Media framework customization
  • Database and web-services
  • Test Framework Customization
Focus Area

Our expertise and experience spans multiple industries and technologies and we create customized solutions that are optimized for high-performance and suitable for the real world applications.

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