Logic fruit enables you to bring innovations to your end customer faster with it’s design and verification expertise in multiple domains while optimizing for performance and high quality.


Semiconductor industry has been the propeller of technological advancements in almost all industries. Semiconductor devices enable much of the modern world from communication networks, computing, healthcare, transportation and countless other applications. We help the innovators and visionaries of the industries in pushing the boundaries of technical advancements. We provide a wide array of services like Soc Integration, Verification/Emulation, pre-silicon and post-silicon validation/verification, Power/Performance analysis and optimization.

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We work with innovative R&D leaders, project managers, and CTOs who need a proven, flexible partner that can provide extensive FPGA-centric expertise, prototyping capabilities, or another high throughput FPGA/SoC embedded solutions delivering a high-quality embedded solution they can trust. 

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FPGA prototyping | IP core development | High-speed protocols


High speed/complex board design | Mechanical design | Certified Quality


BSP | Device Drivers | Multiple OS support


Data Acquisition | Image & Video Processing | Security & Surveillance | Satellite Communication

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