FPGA Acceleration Design Services

Our extensive FPGA expertise can help in reducing development time and increase final product confidence with proven technology. 


Our Product Engineering Team is highly experienced in providing FPGA Design Services on all the latest FPGAs from top global vendors. We can Architect, Implement and Validate high-quality, real-time and high throughput embedded solutions based on FPGA. Our engineers can work on proof of concept (POC) in FPGA, and validate on the target platform. Our FPGA design services include Micro-architecture, RTL coding, IP integration, Rapid prototyping, DSP algorithm implementation, verification and validation.

Logic Fruit is a certified member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and Intel’s Gold Partner. We have partnerships with other major FPGA vendors as well, allowing us to be aware of all the development in the FPGA world, get comprehensive technical support and provide solutions on the latest offerings from the industry leaders. At Logic Fruit, we strive to meet customer’s dynamic requirements to quickly launch and update products and solutions using FPGAs. 

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The FPGA Design Services offered by Logic Fruit’s Product Engineering Services team include:

Product development (Concept > FPGA prototyping -> Complete system)

Group 7329
FPGA technology independent IP development
Group 7330

Proof-of-concept / demo system for emerging technologies / standards

Group 7331

FPGA prototyping of ASIC designs

Group 7332

Synthesizable IP development and integration

Group 7333

RTL modeling (Verilog, VHDL)

Group 7334

Concept & feasibility study

Group 7335

Micro Architecture Definition

Group 7336

Design Synthesis and Optimization

Group 7337

High-Speed Timing Closure

Group 7338

Post-synthesis simulation

Group 7339

FPGA debugging Hardware software co-verification

Group 7350

System Validation

Group 7349
Retargeting Services: FPGA-to-FPGA, ASIC-to-FPGA

Some of the FPGA prototyping projects that we have executed –

ARM based SoC
ARM based SoC for Base Station
Cadence SoC
Cadence Tensilica based SoC
PCIe Gen4 Jammer
5G SoC
ARM 256 IP
AES-256 IP on vReady Platform
CAN Emulation Platform
CAN, LIN, FlexRay on Emulation platform
Display Port Multistream
DisplayPort Multistream support
PCIe Gen 4 PCS
PCIe Gen4 Jammer

Our Expertise


Verilog, VHDL

EDA Tools

Modelsim, Synplify, Xilinx ISE/XST,
Altera Quartus


Xilinx (ZYNQ, Kintex, Virtex, Spartan),
Altera (Cyclone Soc, Stratix)


PCI-Genx, HDMI, Dphy, Mphy, SRAM, DDRx, USB, Uart,
I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, Ethernet

verification 1
Verification Methodology

Coverage driven, Assertion
driven, Regression automation

Debugging Tool

ChipScope, SignalTap, Logic
Analyzer, Scope, FPGA editor

Focus Area

Our expertise and experience spans multiple industries and technologies and we create customized solutions that are optimized for high-performance and suitable for the real world applications.

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