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Artificial Intelligence

Logic Fruit has graduated from doing traditional FPGA/DSP based systems to developing hardware accelerated AI/ML applications using FPGA’s and GPU’s. The solutions include both on-edge and cloud based deployments.


Logic Fruit Technologies, having itself established in traditional use cases of complex FPGA designs, is making strides in latest AI/ML and in-line processing use cases for heterogeneous applications. We provide optimized solutions for high performance and low latency by capitalizing our expertise on not just FPGA but CPU and GPU as well. Here’s the overview of our expertise and the solutions we provide:

Deep expertise in NLP, NLU an NLG, classification models and other CNN based models.

Working with latest AI/ML frameworks and toolsets like TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Pytorch, Caffe, Keras, Darknet, JupyterNB etc.

Working with SDK’s and tools like Xilinx Vitis, Pynq, AI Optimizer, DNNK etc.

Expertise in porting AI/ML model to other frameworks and pruning.

Achieving performance using hardware parallelism and multi-threading.

Expert in providing hardware accelerated AI/ML solutions using FPGA and GPU.

Model deployment via Docker containers, as Apps for Xilinx App Store and Cloud.

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What Logic Fruit has for you!
Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration

Group 7329

On-edge deployment on platforms like Alveo U200 and Ultrascale96.

Group 7330

Cloud deployment on AWS.

Group 7331

Hardware and model based DPU customization.

Group 7332

Custom Algorithm or kernel development in RTL and HLS (C/C++ and OpenCL) for FPGA

Group 7333

Accelize DRM integration with RTL IP’s.

Group 7334

Accelerate models using GPU’s.

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artificial intelligence ML


Group 7329

AI/ML model benchmarking.

Group 7330

Porting models to other frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe, Darknet, Pytorch etc.)

Group 7331

Application and hardware specific performance tuning and optimization of AI/ML models.

Group 7332

Custom model pruning.

Group 7333

Algorithm development and optimization.

Group 7334

Dataset creation.

Group 7335

Synthetic dataset generation.

Group 7336

Jupyter Notebook.

Tools and Infrastructure
Group 7352 1
Group 7352

We work with innovative R&D leaders, project managers, and CTOs who need a proven, flexible partner that can provide extensive FPGA-centric expertise, prototyping capabilities, or another high throughput FPGA/SoC embedded solutions delivering a high-quality embedded solution they can trust. 

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FPGA Design

FPGA prototyping | IP core development | High-speed protocols

Hardware Design

High speed/complex board design | Mechanical design | Certified Quality

Embedded Software Development

BSP | Device Drivers | Multiple OS support

Turnkey Product development

Data Acquisition | Image & Video Processing | Security & Surveillance | Satellite Communication

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