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Mr. Sonu Sonkar

Mentor: Quality Analysis

Leadership Overview:

Sonu Sonkar is a problem solver and heads Ethernet and Wireless communication domains, along with mentoring the QA Team at Logic Fruit. He has been in the technical industry since August 2000, and his experience spans over a range of roles and technologies.

Beginning as a Support Engineer for IBM Mainframes, to VB, VC++, and MFC development, then establishing a Performance Engineering Core Group for a prominent client, constructing an IP network test lab worth ₹1.8 Cr for less than ₹12 Lakhs, managing a team of over 100 engineers and architects for a PCIe Gen5 test product development project, and single-handedly setting up the entire DevOps infrastructure for the same and the next generation projects, he has accomplished a diverse array of tasks.

Now, as an integral part of Logic Fruit Technologies, he continues to leverage his technical expertise and leadership skills to drive impactful outcomes, cementing his status as a stalwart in the realm of Quality Analysis, Ethernet, and Wireless Communications.

Years of Service: Board Journey

August 2000 – September 2002
Module Lead at  Syntel, India

September 2002 – March 2007
Project Manager at  Caritor

March 2007 – October 2008
Freelancing in Media (TV and Films), Mumbai

October 2008 – June 2011
Team Lead at Accenture

June 2011 
VP, QA at Logic Fruit Technologies

June 2020- Present
BU Head / Program Manager at Logic Fruit Technologies


1991 – 1995
Christ Church Inter College, Kanpur

Inter College, PCM
1996 – 2000

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
BTech, Mechanical

Words of Wisdom: 

“Either you solve the problem, or you are the problem.”Sonu Sonkar

Board of Directors

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar

Co-Founder &
Mentor Hardware

Anil Nikhra min

Anil Nikhra

Co-Founder &
Mentor Software

6 300x262 min


Mentor: Digital

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