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Our solutions excel in on-edge and cloud-based deployments, driving optimal performance and innovation. Power up your AI/ML projects with our FPGA and GPU expertise.


Logic Fruit technologies, with its expertise in developing solutions based on heterogenous hardware leveraging the power of FPGAs and GPUs, offers On-edge AI-ML and Vision solutions and development services to enable intelligence at source for making real-time decisions. 

Time-deterministic intelligence and decision-making are highly critical for domains like Defense, Avionics, Automotive, Industrial Automation, and Surveillance. At Logic Fruit Technologies, we specialize in harnessing the power of Edge AI hardware platforms for the acceleration of AI/ML and Vision models, algorithms, and applications. With a focus on FPGA and GPU technology, our solutions are tailored to excel in on-edge deployments. We are now at the forefront of cutting-edge AI/ML and in-line processing applications for diverse use cases. Leveraging our expertise in AI-ML and Vision, customers can surely expect a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution with a short time to market.

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Building efficient and cost-effective AI/ML and Vision solutions that use fewer resources.
With Edge-AI building blocks and deep architecture understanding, we cut development time by at least 30%.
Experience in working with a wide number of AI and deep learning processors from TI, Nvidia, Xilinx, Intel, Lattice, and others.
Acceleration churned out of AI-ML and Vision specialized Edge-AI building blocks, hard and soft IPs to improve the performance.
EHPC hardware in multiple form factors like PCIe, VPX, etc.
EHPC hardware solutions based on Xilinx and Intel FPGAs, x86 and ARM CPUs, and NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.
Complete development and verification environment.
Ready to embark on your journey to excellence in AI/ML? Let Logic Fruit Technologies propel your vision into reality.

What We Offer in AI/ML and Vision

  1. Develop and deploy hardware-accelerated and optimized AI algorithms on resource-limited embedded systems.
  2. Migrating or porting existing AI infrastructure on edge.
  1. We provide Model Training along with pre-trained, target hardware optimized, ready-to-integrate AI models for specific purposes.
  2. These can be deployed on a variety of edge computing platforms from Intel, AMD-Xilinx, Nvidia, etc.
We provide a rich set of ready-to-use, hardware-optimized algorithms like blur reduction, fog removal, contrast enhancement, sharpening, image stabilization, motion detection, mosaicing, tracking, etc. ready for deployment on any custom hardware platforms.
  1. Develop AI-ML and Vision-centric accelerated custom hardware utilizing CPU, FPGA, and GPU as per the requirement.
  2. Standard and custom ML model migration, pruning, and hardware-centric optimizations.
  3. AI/ML model and algorithm benchmarking.

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