EHPC (Embedded High-Performance Computing)

Experience the cutting-edge synergy of FPGA, CPU, and GPU expertise, as we craft optimized solutions for high performance and low latency.


In the realm of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Logic Fruit Technologies is a pioneering force, specializing in the optimization of HPC solutions to deliver unparalleled performance. Our expertise uniquely combines Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), CPUs, and GPUs, providing a comprehensive solution for cutting-edge HPC needs for embedded platforms.

The Embedded HPC is the response to the ever-growing need for computational power in embedded applications. These kinds of applications require CPU along with FPGA and/or GPU to be on the same board to accelerate various complex and computationally intensive tasks. Logic Fruit’s EHPC hardware solutions utilize AMD-Xilinx and Intel family of FPGAs for parallel execution and acceleration. For the cutting-edge AI/ML and Computer Vision domains, Logic Fruit’s EHPC solutions go far beyond integrating GPUs (as GPGPU) along with CPU and FPGA.

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Solid hardware with top-notch FPGA solutions from Logic Fruit’s 15+ years of experience.

EHPC hardware in multiple form factors like PCIe, VPX, etc.
EHPC hardware solutions based on Xilinx and Intel FPGAs, x86 and ARM CPUs, and NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.
Complete development and verification environment.
Embedded High-Performance Computing
Embedded HPC portfolio matching various requirements like Computer Vision, Avionics, Automotives, AI/ML, Data Processing, Graphics, and Computation.
Modular, flexible, and expandable hardware design to cater to varied customer needs based on application and cost requirements.
Closely integrated with the latest AMD-Xilinx and Intel development environments like VITIS and OpenVINO song with accelerator toolkits and libraries.
Ready to embark on your journey to excellence in EHPC? Let Logic Fruit Technologies propel your vision into reality.
What We Offer in EHPC

Logic Fruit provides ready-to-use EHPC accelerator cards and reference designs. These are backed by sample applications demonstrating the use of different peripherals and programmable logic (FPGA) to accelerate applications under a Linux or bare-metal environment.

  • Logic Fruit provides hardware configuration files to facilitate embedded HPC application development that can be easily integrated with AMD-Xilinx and Intel development tools/IDEs.
  • Ready to run Linux images and sample applications
  • Automated Interface tests

Our engineering and support services team is there for all your hardware and FPGA-centric needs. Our expert engineering services team can quickly help you build a complete system or implement and integrate applications on reference designs or custom hardware platforms.

Our solutions are backed by a highly efficient and responsive support team for any sort of troubleshooting related to hardware and software.

Our services and support includes:

  • Custom hardware design
  • Customizing system platforms
  • BSP development support
  • Linux customization support
  • Bare metal development support
  • EHPC application development support
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting

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