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Top AI & ML tools and frameworks

Top AI & ML tools and frameworks

AI & ML: Although it has been around for a long time, artificial intelligence was once thought to be incredibly challenging. It was typical for scientists and developers to avoid examining utilising it. Software developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers can create machine learning models using a machine learning framework rather than needing to … Read more

Data Acquisition System – An Overview

DAQ Infographic Thumbnail

The idea of data acquisition system(DAQ) was first established in 1963, and its principal application was the use of software to monitor or manage physical entities. The IBM 7700 Data Acquisition system, which was the first computer announced specifically for data acquisition duties, was developed by IBM. In 1964, the IBM 7700 Data Acquisition and … Read more

Compute Express Link (CXL) An Overview [2023]

CXL (Compute Express Link) is a standard for high-speed interconnects between computers and other devices, such as accelerators and memory. It is designed to enable more efficient communication and data transfer between different components in a computing system, allowing faster and more powerful processing. CXL is based on the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) standard … Read more

ARINC: History, Standards, Generations & Industries Served

ARINC- An Overview

Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC), founded in 1929, was a significant supplier of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for eight industries, including aviation, airports, defense, government, healthcare, networks, and security.  In addition to maintaining the requirements for line-replaceable units, ARINC has deployed computer data networks in police cars and railroad coaches. Aircraft Communications Addressing and … Read more

Camera Sensor Technologies – An Overview [2023]

Camera Sensor Technologies - An Overview

Introduction With the development and spread of consumer electronics with imaging capabilities, camera image processing is becoming increasingly important Camera Sensor integration, image sensor integration, and camera image processing methods are widely utilized in various applications, from consumer to computer vision to industrial, defense, multimedia, sensor networks, surveillance, automotive, and astronomy. For machine vision applications, … Read more

Video Stitching + AI/ML- Changing Landscape over the years

Video Stitching

Introduction A technology for overcoming the field of view (FOV) restriction of photos and movies is image/video stitching. It has been used in various industries, including sports broadcasting, video security, street view, and entertainment, to stitch together several overlapping photos and videos to produce a wide-field-of-view image or video. This study examines image/video stitching algorithms … Read more

Introduction to FPGA – History, Architecture, Application & Market Growth

FPGA History Infographic Thumbnail

FPGA History: The programmable read-only memory (PROM) and programmable logic devices (PLD) industries were already well-established by the 1980s, giving rise to the FPGA sector (PROM). In contrast to PLD and PROM, which needed to be hardwired coded before manufacture, FPGA permitted programming to occur later in the process, even by the user. This allowed … Read more

Application Development For The Embedded Systems

Application Development for the Embedded systems

Miniaturisation is a need in today’s fast-growing world. And when we talk about small devices, the first technical word that pops up in our head is embedded systems. Embedded systems are growing more competent and intelligent across embedded domains. With the current advancements in the field of electronics, especially wireless comm technologies, SOCs, microcontrollers, and … Read more

Advanced Driver Assistance System [ADAS] Everything You Needs to Know


Introduction to ADAS: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are intricate systems that perform various computer vision tasks, such as semantic segmentation, object detection, and image categorization. Technology-based elements called advanced driver assistance systems are meant to increase vehicle security. Through enhanced indicators and automated systems, these systems improve safety and response times to possible hazards. While … Read more

Compute Express Link (CXL): Device Types

Compute Express Link (CXL)

Compute Express Link (CXL) is an open interconnect standard that enables fast, coherent memory access between a host device, such as a CPU, and a hardware accelerator, which manages a heavy workload. With the recent release of Compute Express Link 1.0, a consortium to enable this new standard was established, and its initial interface definition … Read more

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