FPGAs vs GPUs for AI-Based Applications – The Battle of Acceleration

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the term used to describe non-human, machine intelligence that can make judgments similarly to how people do. Contemplation, adaptation, intention faculties, and judgment fall under this category. Applications in the AI market include robotic automation, computer vision, cognitive computing, machine learning, and robotic automation. Many significant market participants from the EDA

Simplified Server Management: A Beginner’s Guide to IPMI and BMC

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Introduction Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a hardware-based solution used for securing, controlling, and managing servers IPMI also refers to a set of computer interface specifications used for out-of-band management The IPMI specification will continue to improve server management and help reduce costs. IPMI helps lower the overall costs of server management by enabling

Introduction to openHPC – Boosting Computing Performance


openHPC: High Processing Computation Cluster An openHPC (High Processing Computation) cluster is a group of interconnected computers or servers that work together as a single system to provide high-performance computing capabilities. It combines the computational power of multiple nodes, enabling parallel processing and efficient utilization of resources. HPC Cluster Issues As HPC began developing, there

Fortifying Digital Security: An In-Depth Exploration of TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

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In the realm of cybersecurity, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) stands as a crucial yet often enigmatic technology. TPM is a hardware-based security solution designed to safeguard computing devices, protect critical functions, and ensure data integrity. It plays a pivotal role in securing modern digital systems against various threats. This overview will demystify TPM, covering

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PCIe 6.0 – All You Need To Know About PCIe 6.0

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An effective interface for tying peripheral devices to computer systems is crucial in the world of modern computing, where data-intensive applications and high-speed communication are crucial. At this point, PCI Express, often known as PCIe, becomes an essential component. The high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard known as PCI Express has transformed the way peripherals

Compute Express Link (CXL)- An Ultimate Guide

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Introduction With the publication of CXL Specification 1.0, the Compute Express Link (CXL) technology that was first introduced in March 2019 swiftly gained popularity in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Cloud sectors. The most recent standard for connection between computing devices and data centers is called Compute Express Link (CXL). It offers rapid, low-latency

Data Centers: Powering the Digital Revolution

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Data Centers: Powering the Digital Revolution: A Data Center is a centralized location where vast volumes of data and information are stored, managed, and processed for various uses. These facilities are crucial for the operation of contemporary technology since they offer the infrastructure required to support numerous services and apps that we use daily. Data

Data Center Transformation: Unlocking Hidden Value with AI and ML

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AI and ML in Data Centers: As the demand for data processing and storage continues to surge, data centers are grappling with the challenge of evolving and expanding. The changing landscape of platforms, equipment design, topologies, power density requirements, and cooling demands all underscore the pressing need for new architectural designs.  Data center infrastructures often

FPGA-Based Functional Safety for Industrial Applications

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FPGA-Based Functional Safety for Industrial Applications: Functional safety is of the utmost importance in industrial applications, where system failures can have severe consequences such as injury, loss of life, or environmental damage. To ensure functional safety, industrial systems must be designed to detect and prevent hazardous situations, as well as minimize the likelihood of failure.

CXL 3.0 – Everything You Need To Know

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Introduction  CXL 3.0 : Compute Express Link (CXL) is a high-speed interconnect system created to facilitate effective communication between CPUs and accelerators, memory devices, and other high-performance peripherals. It was created by a group of top business players, including Intel, Microsoft, and other well-known software firms. In comparison to conventional interconnect technologies like PCIe, CXL

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