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Avionics full-duplex switched Ethernet (AFDX) technology enables deterministic Ethernet networking for avionics and aircraft systems. The 100 Mbit/s AFDX LFT End System card supports rate-constrained traffic shaping to ensure bounded latency and jitter for deterministic Ethernet networking, as described in ARINC standards. The card can be used for production system integration and provides high-integrity redundancy management as well as an IP/UDP profiled communication layer fully implemented in hardware.

ZYNQ is an ARM SoC based FPGA from Xilinx. It includes Dual-core ARM A9 CPU, high-speed transceiver for PCIe support and 2x Tri-mode Gigabit Ethernet make it suitable candidate for AFDX implementation.

The host communicates with AFDX Card via a dedicated driver. The driver uses DMA for fast data transfers between the host and the AFDX Card. The on-board ARM processor in ZYNQ runs the AFDX protocol stack offloading the host-processors executing user applications. For efficient protocol processing, all IP/UDP are implemented in programmable logic fabric of ZYNQ. The receive and transmit buffers may be configured to operate as either sampling ports or queuing ports. A sampling port utilizes a single message buffer while a queuing port contains storage for multiple messages in a FIFO configuration.


  • Integrity checking and redundancy management.
  • 1 us. Rx frame time-stamp resolution.
  • IP/UDP Offloading on hardware.
  • Profiled IP/UDP, sampled and queued ports.
  • PCI Express and DMA support.


  • PCI Express form factor module.
  • 2 ports 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet.

Power Supply

  • Single +12V power supply.
  • About 7W of power consumption.

Environmental Operating Ranges

  • Operating Temp : -40oC to +80 oC
  • Humidity Level : 0 to 95%
  • Vibration Sine: 3g peak
  • Vibration random: 0.1g2 /Hz.


Tx Virtual Channels128
Rx Virtual Channels512
Sampling/Queuing ports for Tx1024
Sampling/Queuing ports for Rx4096
Rx time-stamp resolution1 us
BAG granularity500 us. To 16 sec.


1AFDX End System Hardware
2Reference Design with RTL source code
3Software Drivers and Library to support AFDX Protocol.
5User Manual
Three Month Support Provided

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