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Agilent provides laboratories with services, instruments, consumables, expertise and applications allowing clients to arrive at the results they want.

The company provides software, analytical instruments, consumables and services for the complete laboratory workflow. Agilent provides its services and products on six segments:environmental and forensics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, diagnostics and energy, and research

Agilent 1

Name: Agilent Technologies


Address:  5301 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051 United States

Partner’s Products:

Agilent serves analytical laboratories and the clinical and routine diagnostics markets with a full suite of technology platforms. These include: 

  • Automation, 
  • bioreagents, 
  • FISH probes, 
  • gas and liquid chromatography, 
  • immunohistochemistry, 
  • informatics, 
  • mass spectrometry, 
  • microarrays, 
  • spectroscopy, 
  • target enrichment, and vacuum technologies.

Agilent also provides the lab management services including subscription based services, and lab supplies: enterprise asset management, laboratory business intelligence, equipment management and service, software maintenance, regulatory compliance, sample preparation, genomics and cloning, GC and HPLC columns, spectrometry and spectroscopy supplies, and general laboratory supplies.

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