GigE Vision

GigE Vision is a standard for connecting Camera to Frame Grabber build upon existing Ethernet technology.
It has two main parts namely:

  • GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP) that allows the configuration of detected drivers and guarantees transmission reliability.
  • The GigE Vision Streaming Protocol (GVSP) that allows applications to receive video data stream from Camera.

Logic-Fruit GigE Vision IP is based upon latest Zynq SoC FPGA from Xilinx. The key to achieve high throughput from GigE vision is to process the GVSP in processing logic (PL) section and GVCP in processing section (PS).

Logic-Fruit has expertise on Zynq SoC platform and has developed a solution where Ethernet packets received by the Gigabit Ethernet Interface on the Zynq Processing System are first diverted to PL for packet inspection. In PL part a packet filter is implemented which filters the Video Stream (GVSP) from the incoming packet stream and redirect rest of the packets (GVCP) to PS again by writing it into L2-cache through ACP port.


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