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Building High-Speed Video Interfaces in Indian Aerospace & Defence - Challenges and Opportunities

In this podcast, we discussed the topic of Developing High-Speed Video Interfaces for the Indian Aerospace & Defense Industry.

Examine the crucial significance these interfaces play in India’s A&D ecosystem as you learn about their requirements and implications.

What will you learn in this Podcast :

  • High-Speed Video Interfaces – Introductions and requirement for A&D Sector in India
  • Role of “Make In India” and “Aatmnirbhar Bharat” for A&D advancement in India
  • Role of TDFS in Self-Reliance Initiative
  • Challenges & Journey for developing multiple projects under ARINC 818 (Use cases of ARINC 818)

Want to learn more about High-Speed video interfaces, ARINC 818, and other protocols? Follow our speaker Madhukar Manohar on LinkedIn:

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Madhukar Manohar

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