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Logic Fruit Technologies Triumphs with ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module©

Delhi/NCR, IndiaLogic Fruit Technologies is proud to announce that we have successfully secured a registered copyright for our ground-breaking product, the ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM) also known as the Single Board Computer with ARINC 818 Interface. This achievement was made possible in collaboration with the Chairman of DRDO, Government of India.

With the registered copyright, Logic Fruit Technologies has obtained exclusive ownership of the ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM)  technology, enabling the company to continue innovating and expanding its product offerings.

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The Single Board Computer with ARINC 818 Interface, also known as the ARINC 818 Video Processing and Switching Module (AVPSM), is developed by Logic Fruit Technologies using Intel Atom processors in the VPX form factor, along with video interfaces like DVI, STANAG, and ARINC 818 to connect video sensors and video displays in an avionics system,” said Sanjeev Kumar, Logic Fruit’s Co-Founder, and CEO.

Additionally, he emphasized that the progress made in this area, along with copyright protection, would have a profound influence on both the Indian Air Force (IAF) fleets and the aviation industry as a whole. 

Logic Fruit Technologies reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers. This latest accomplishment is a clear demonstration of dedication to excellence and innovation and will put India in a different league altogether setting high standards for the entire aviation world.

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