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Logic Fruit Technologies Elevates FPGA Innovation with AMD Xilinx Premier Partnership!

Logic Fruit Technologies is now a premier partner of AMD Xilinx and is ready to take the next step forward in innovations and technologies for its clients globally.

California – 4th September, 2023: We are delighted to announce that Logic Fruit Technologies has achieved the prestigious status of Premier Partner with AMD Xilinx!  This remarkable milestone further solidifies our commitment to driving innovation in the world of programmable logic devices. As a long-standing member of the Xilinx Alliance Program, Logic Fruit has continually demonstrated its dedication to providing cutting-edge, customized solutions for a wide spectrum of industries, including industrial, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.
“This Premier Partnership with AMD Xilinx marks a significant leap forward in our mission to empower our clients with the latest advancements in FPGA technology. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional solutions that enable rapid innovation from the endpoint to the cloud. Together with Xilinx AMD, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of flexible and adaptive processing platforms.”
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar

CEO & Cofounder Logic Fruit Technologies

About AMD Xilinx :  Xilinx is a US-based multinational corporation that specializes in providing programmable logic devices. It is recognized for developing the FPGA and being the first semiconductor business to use a fabless manufacturing system. The extremely adaptable, programmable silicon from Xilinx, which was made feasible by a range of cutting-edge tools and software, has stimulated rapid innovation. Xilinx offered the most cutting-edge processing technology on the market, promoting speedy innovation. It uses adaptive, intelligent computing. Xilinx, which AMD acquired in 2022, is now a part of the AMD Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group.  The industry’s leader in high-performance and adaptive computing is made possible by AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx, which brings together a highly complementary collection of products, clients, and markets with distinctive IP and top-tier expertise. About Logic Fruit Technologies :  Logic Fruit Technologies: Your Premier Technical Partner of Choice. Leveraging diverse high-speed protocols (1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet, PCIe Gen1-Gen6, USB3.0/4.0, CPRI/ORAN, DisplayPort, ARINC818, CXL2.0/3.0, JESD204B&C, etc., we excel in real-time signal processing, signal generation, and data analysis. Our agile teams deliver on demanding timelines, preserving both technical excellence and ensuring the resounding success of your final application.

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