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Logic Fruit is in “Top 10 Aerospace Engineering Service Providers 2023” by Industry Outlook

Delhi/NCR, India, Sep 2022:  It gives us great pleasure and satisfaction to announce that Industry Outlook Magazine has published a cover story about Logic Fruit Technologies in the “Top 10 Aerospace  Engineering Service Providers 2022”.

Although DRDO labs play a crucial role in R&D in the aerospace and defence industries, greater involvement from the private sector and academics is necessary to meet this objective. Along with significant firms, Logic Fruit Technologies(LFT) company is among them; it was founded in 2009.

In this Industry Outlook Magazine, Logic Fruit Technologies was covered with a story of clear explanations about the organization, the kind of projects we deliver and so on about our brand.

We are delighted to announce that Logic fruit is one of the six firms worldwide to have developed solutions for aerospace (ARINC based products and solutions) and obtained multiple certification, and in the next 10 to 15 years, we intend to push this company even further and make it one of the greatest in our global area.

Logic Fruit has earned a reputation among its clients as a trusted and knowledgeable R&D partner. Logic Fruit assists its clients in developing complicated and specialised products and systems for a large number of clients in the US and Europe. one of our objectives is to establish marketing and development offices there to strengthen our footprint globally.

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