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Module Lead/Sr. Embedded Engineer

We are Hiring for Module Lead/Sr. Embedded Engineer

Job Position : Module Lead/Sr. Embedded Engineer

Experience : 3+ Years

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job brief:

We are looking for talented Candidates who can follow standard operating procedures to break down problems and develop solutions through flowcharts and algorithms. They have to use their expertise in programming languages to write organized code, to assemble the necessary software and oversee the deployment of the software. They also have to build software components from time to time and integrate them into the organization’s existing software system. While supervising the software development cycle, they should figure out the feasibility of various projects and create verification plans. They should work in teams of software engineers and collaborate with other engineers to come up with the best software solution possible.

About Company:

At Logic Fruit, we specialize in high-quality embedded solutions and proof-of-concept (PoC) designs that require precise, supported FPGA development and real-time data generation, acquisition, and analysis.

Our engineers have experience with a variety of digital protocols, communication busses, and tools including 1G, 10G Ethernet, PCIe, DIGRF, USB3.0, STM, HDMI, and software-defined radio (SDR), as well as encryption, protocol compliance, signal generation, data analysis, IoT technology, and multiple image processing techniques.

Some of our clients are Agilent Technologies, Keysight Technologies, BitifEye, NEC, FreeScale, Mentor Graphics, ITI, BEL and many DRDO labs, like DEAL, IRDE, LRDE, ADE, CARE and CABS. Products/Solutions developed by us are being used by BIG semiconductor companies like INTEL, STMicroElectronics, FreeScale, Sony, LG and a few more.

Job Responsibilities:

  • The candidate will be working closely with the Project Lead to understand the client requirements and system architecture.
  • Should be independently working on Design and Development of device drivers and kernel at module level.
  • Key development tasks include software design, driver development/porting, OS kernel customization and testing.
  • Need to understand the schematics.
  • Debugging with FPGA and hardware teams.
  • Firmware development for Micro controllers and Microprocessors.
  • Design, development and testing of interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C, Flash, RAM with micro controllers, microprocessors or SoCs

Qualifications & Skills:

  1. Proven 3+ years of C and C++ development experience in Embedded Systems.
  2. Proven experience on Embedded Linux bring up is a must.
  3. Problem hunting from symptoms and come up with an effective solution is must.
  4. Proven design and documentation skills.
  5. Proven experience of Linux kernel internals and Linux device driver framework.
  6. Knowledge of boot loaders is a plus.
  7. Proven 1+ years of experience in developing/customizing/porting Linux device drivers both in single threaded and multi-threaded environment.
  8. Proven record of leading a module and/or small team independently.
  9. Hands-on experience in Linux kernel customization, optimization and porting.
  10. Knowledge of memory management, scheduling, IPC mechanisms, file system  under Linux.
  11. Self-motivated, self-driven and a good team player.
  12. Knowledge of SDLC cycle and Quality Process. Experience in implementing is desirable. Strict in following processes.
  13. Good communication skills
Desired Skills:
  1. Experience in developing/customizing/porting following Linux drivers:
  • SPI Bus driver
  • I2C Bus driver
  • CSI driver
  • GPIO driver
  • Ethernet Controller on PCI driver
  • PCI Switch driver
  • Intel graphics/display driver (is a plus)
  1. Hands-on experience in Linux debugging tools like GDB, KDB.
  2. Board bring-up Experience.
  3. Linux Programming Interface for effective user space test application.
  4. UNIX Networking systems,
  5. TCP/IP protocol and Linux Socket infrastructures.
  6. Able to build an Embedded Linux File system using Yocto/Buildroot
  7. TCP/IP protocol and Linux Socket infrastructures.
  8. Knowledge of how to build an Embedded Linux File system using Yocto/Buildroot is a plus.

Work hours and company benefits:

  • 5 days working
  • Flexible timing
  • Group health insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Lunch & Dinner provided.
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