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FPGA RTL Design Engineer/Module Lead

We are Hiring for FPGA RTL Design Engineer/Module Lead.

Job Position : FPGA RTL Design Engineer/Module Lead

Experience : 2+ Years

Location : Gurugram

Qualification : B.E. / B.Tech / M.Tech in Electronics / Electrical / Computer Science

Responsibilities :

  • You will develop RTL code to implement FPGA-based digital designs, working from specification stage through to system integration. Projects will range from Mid to multi-million gates. Most projects include designing logic for latest generation of high speed serial protocols, digital signal processing and control logic (bus interfaces and state machines)
  • Understand the customer requirements and product definition
  • Define architecture and detailed design spec based on requirements and various trade-offs
  • Micro-architecture and coding of assigned module in VHDL/Verilog
  • Write test bench for verifying design for complete scenario coverage
  • Implementation of the design for porting on FPGA after required optimization based on available resources and timing closure requirement
  • FPGA debugging and HW/SW integration


  • 2+ years of experience, including successful completion of FPGA based projects
  • Coding experience in VHDL and/or Verilog is must
  • Experience targeting Xilinx and/or Altera FPGAs required
  • Familiarity with tools like Modelsim, Questasim, Xilinx Vivado, Planahead, Altera Quartus etc. is required
  • Familiarity with debugging tools like Chipscope, Signal Tap, Logic analyzer, Scope, FPGA editor
  • Implementation of designs with multiple clock domains is required
  • Thorough understanding of appropriate coding styles for FPGAs, and trade-offs for density and speed
  • Experience in RTL implementation of DSP algorithms will be appreciated
  • Experience in interfaces like PCIe-Genx, Ethernet, transceivers, DDRx, ADC, DAC, AMBA-AXI, SRAM, USB, UART, I2C, SPI will be appreciated

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