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IT International Telecom Inc. is an ISO-certified marine network installer offering desktop study, marine route survey, engineering design, installation and maintenance services for submarine cable systems worldwide. As an organization independent of any carrier or manufacturer, IT is in the unique position to collaborate with customers, providing them with cost-effective and ideal technical solutions for each project. Above all, IT delivers quality solutions based on proven engineering and installation techniques.

International Telecom

Name: International Telecom


Address: 297 Hymus Boulevard Pointe Claire, Quebec Canada H9R 1G6 

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The Desktop Study (DTS) is performed to determine the best possible route for the submarine system. It will be the baseline document for the marine cable route survey. It will consist of extensive research on formal and informal data along the projected cable route. The careful analysis of this information will lead to a more precise cable route, and thus a clearer scope of work for the marine cable route survey (CRS) operations. The DTS covers a vast amount of information, including but not limited to:

  1. Regional Geology
  2. Regional Climatology
  3. Oceanography
  4. Marine Traffic
  5. Restricted Areas
  6. Commercial Operations
  7. Biological Factors
  8. Regulatory Factors
  9. Site Visits

IT’s Survey Division consists of a team of highly trained hydrographic surveyors who specialize in the conduct of desktop studies and submarine cable route survey operations. IT survey personnel are trained in industry standard submarine cable route engineering practices, as well as in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of marine survey data. This provides an excellent resource to onboard client representatives, allowing recommended cable route alterations to occur on-the-fly.

  1. Desktop Studies
  2. Geophysical Surveys
  3. Multibeam Echosounder
  4. Sidescan Sonar
  5. Sub-bottom Profiling
  6. Magnetometer
  7. Geotechnical Surveys
  8. Burial Assessment Surveys
  9. Cone Penetration Testing
  10. Gravity and Vibracoring
  11. Deliverables
  12. Data Processing
  13. Industry-standard Charting and Reporting
  14. Cable Route Engineering (RPL and SLD)

IT can provide the following Marine and Subsea services:

  1. Repeatered and Non-Repeatered System
  2. Installation (Plough Buried or Surface Laid)
  3. Fiber Optic Cable Splicing and Testing
  4. Subsea Sensor/Infrastructure Installation
  5. Submarine Cable and Transmission Equipment Procurement
  6. Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs and Route Clearance
  7. Shore End Preparation and Trenching
  8. Cable Recovery
  9. Cable and Pipeline Crossing Protection
  10. ROV and Diver Intervention
  11. Post-Lay Inspection and Burial
  12. Marine Engineering and System Design Verification    
  13. As-Built Surveys

As part of a turnkey solution, IT also provides via our established networks of proven contractors;

  1. Civil Works
  2. Outside Plant Construction
  3. Cable Landing Stations
  4. Submarine Line Terminal Equipment
  5. Beach Manhole Construction
  6. Permitting and Licensing
  7. Environmental Assessments

While modern submarine fiber optic and power cable systems are engineered for years of reliability and service, there is always a chance of damage due to outside aggression. IT has created the Sentinel Maintenance program to provide a competitively priced option for Clients who wish to protect their subsea investments. Just as cable systems and customers are different, so too should their maintenance programs differ.  IT’s Sentinel Maintenance is custom-tailored on a Client-by-Client basis to meet specific needs and requirements.    

Highlights include:

  • Low Annual Fees
  • Cable and Kits Storage Facilities
  • ‘Pay As You Go’ Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Refurbishment Options



IT is a world leader in the shore end protection of fiber optic and power transmission cables. With the latest iteration of the N-Pipe product line, IT Engineers have applied lessons-learned in the field to the development of the latest evolution in ductile iron products. Combining years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of N-Pipe, IT has taken its patented N-Pipe technology to the next level. IT N-Pipe is designed so that each segment consists of two identical and completely interchangeable components. These pieces easily snap together prior to bolting, avoiding hard to install ‘A’ and ‘B’ side components. Not only has this breakthrough facilitated ease of shipping and storage of N-Pipe, it has also greatly simplified installation by divers in low visibility submarine environments and at shore ends. N-Pipe combines time-tested quality and efficiency of installation for significant cost savings while setting the industry standard for shore end cable protection.


IT specializes in the logistics and transportation of submarine cables and components from factory to installation site, and to cable storage facilities worldwide. IT understands that timely delivery of cable and materials to the work site is critical to project success. In house shipping and sales teams work closely with clients and suppliers to arrange efficient, cost effective and on time transportation solutions. 

IT vessels are purpose built to load, test, store and offload submarine cable systems and associated components to protect and ensure safe delivery to site. In addition to transport via our cable ships, IT also specializes in the design and construction of cable tanks and repeater racks onboard chartered freighters. IT can outfit nearly any suitable freighter with the requisite equipment for safe and secure submarine cable transportation.

With over twenty years of experience in the worldwide transportation industry, and close relationships with all major cable manufacturers, IT has the transportation capabilities to meet and exceed client expectations.

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