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Video Processing Card

Video Processing Card (VPC) is a TI video processor based card to perform various videoprocessing on incoming SD and HD video. The card also provide support to generate annotated video while taking command from outside. The card has HDMI output port in addition to composite input/output, communication and command signals on the 51 Pin Connector.


  • Automated Video analysis
  • PAL Video input and PAL video output supported
  • HD-SDI input and PAL video output supported
  • HD-SDI input and HDMI output supported
  • Annotation of Video supported
  • Accelerated Image Building


  • Analog Video Input: Two analog inputs in CCIR PAL format
  • Digital Video Input: One HD-SDI input in SMPTE 292 format
  • Analog Video Output: Two analog Video output In CCIR PAL format
  • Digital Video Output: Through HDMI connector in SMPTE 292 Format
  • Input to 51 Pin Connector:
    • Command Input: 13 bit commands (3.3V TTL)
    • Digital command In: 60 Bytes RS422 format
    • Power Supply: +12 Volts
    • Digital Error: RS 422 format
  • Output to 51 Pin Connector:
    • Buffered Video: CCIR PAL format
    • Digital Error: RS422 format
    • Analog Error: Two analog Error
    • Status Out: RS 422 format 
      • Command input (13 bit parallel command at 3.3V TTL)
      • One serial port for debugging (UART 2)
      • One serial port UART1(for digital command in and for digital error )
      • One serial port for status out (UART 0)
      • One HDMI out port
      • Two analog Video out (CCIR PAL format)
      • One buffered Video out (CCIR PAL format)
      • Two analog error (single Ended)
    • Memory:
    • 2 x 512 MB DDR3
    • NAND Flash 4 Gb
    • SPI Flash 32Mb
    • System Clock 27 MHz
    • Power input +12Volts through 51 pin connector
    • JTAG Connector for programming
    • One SD Card Interface

Software Specifications

A Window based Software GUI is provided in Tab format for ease of use.

Video Processing Card 1
Two PAL Video inputs
RS232/RS422 serial interface
Two analog Video output
HD-SDI input
HDMI output
Parallel command input interface
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