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ASIC Design Services

Logic Fruit’s highly experienced ASIC Design Services team can help you overcome all your challenges. Whether you require design services for ASIC prototyping, want to build a SOC or migrate from FPGA to ASIC or vice versa, our team is capable of handling your designs/SOCs of any complexity.

Logic Fruit helps customer prototyping their ASIC designs on FPGAs before committing to ASICs. Our methodology encompasses a simulation and verification based approach. Having an in depth understand of latest FPGAs, available hard macro and routing architecture, we have an edge while porting an SOC on FPGA.

Services Offered

  • FPGA centric activities
    • Modification / optimization of the ASIC RTL for FPGA
    • Design partitioning onto multiple FPGAs
    • Modification of timing constraint files
    • Synthesis, Place & Route
    • Floor planning
    • Timing closure
    • Test bench tuning
    • Functional verification & equivalence checking
  • FPGA board bring-up and System Validation
  • Hardware-software co-verification
  • Firmware development and testing


  • Architecture Design
  • IP Development
  • IP integration
  • FPGA based systems design
  • ASIC/SoC Prototyping
  • Pre and  Post Silicon Validation

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