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ARINC 818 Main Features and Benefits




   Compliant to The ARINC 818-2 Specification.

   Data rate up to 4.25 Gbps and Low Latency.

   Built on Fiber Channel Audio Video (FC-AV defined in ANSI INCITS 356-2002) protocol.

   Point-to-Point Video/Data Transmission support using 8B/10B Encoding over the serial link.

   Supports both optical and electrical links.

   Supports line-segmentation and line-synchronous transmission.

   Receiver error and status reporting with support for user data.

   CEMILAC certified and DO-254 DAL-B Compliant design.

arinc 818 ip core 01

ARINC 818 IP CORE Brochure

Arinc 818

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