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Video Capture and Archival Board

Low Power Video Enhancement, Video Archival & Retrieval board is a FPGA based board which is used to perform the Video Jitter removal across different platforms. It is also used for video/image archival and retrieval using USB.


  • For high quality video output for specific applications such as surveillance, general identity verification, traffic, criminal justice systems, civilian ormilitary video processing
  • In building an archive system
  • In Video Retrieval applications


  • A rugged board solution based on Artix-7 FPGA
  • Memory: 6 Asynchronous SRAMs; 32Gb NAND Flash
  • RTC and battery for time-stamping purpose
  • Composite video supporting PAL-B format on right-angled SMB connector
  • System Clock 40 Mhz
  • USB 2.0 interface for video retrieval
  • RS232 Serial interface
  • 8 GPIOs
  • Configuration Options: Through JTAG interface; Through SPI flash
  • LEDs: Status; Power; FPGA; User LEDs
  • Power Supply: 12V DC @2A output on Nicomatic Connector
  • Industrial grade SMD components

Software Specifications

  • A Window based Software GUI is provided in Tab format for ease of use
  • One UART based GUI for controlling On-board video parameters for Video Archival and Video Jitter Correction
  • The board can be run either in “snapshot mode” or in “video capture mode”.
  • In snapshot mode, when user will press snap-shot button, then current frame (with time-stamp) will be stored in flash.
  • In “video capture mode”, there are buttons for “capture start” and “capture stop”.Video file is saved in flash as separate jpeg filesin different folders. Video files are saved with time-stamp.
  • Command to erase all the files present on board
  • One USB based GUI for controlling board for retrieval of stored video
  • User can view different snapshots and video files in GUI along with respective time-stamp.
  • Command to set current time on board
Video Archival Board 1
Right angled SMB video input and video output
Power supply right angled Nicomatic/Jack connector – 4 pinNicomatic.
Power supply on-off switch
Mini USB connector
DB9 Connector type for RS232
Video archival on/off switch
JTAG connector
Status LEDs
14 pin Nicomatic connector (on board only) for UART and GPIO interface
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