Co-Founder & Mentor: Hardware
Brief Intro

B.Tech (EE), IIT-Kanpur

Sanjeev brings in 20+ years of industry experience in the fields of FPGA and HW Design. He started his career as a Hardware designer and then moved on to FPGA domain working with the customers from Virtex and Stratix days.

With a deep understanding of FPGA/DSP based Product development, prototyping/validation & Emulation on FPGAs, he brings in architectural responsibility for product/solution development. Sanjeev has a very wide understanding of the high-speed serial protocols such as PCIe, CPRI, DigRFV4, Fiber Channel and porting them on FPGA high-speed Serial Transceivers. Sanjeev is a hardcore athlete, who loves to play all outdoor games, especially badminton and Cricket! He also has a passion for being fit!

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