SPI Master/Slave Controller

  • Support for both SPI Master and Slave.
  • Multi Master Support.
  • 8 Slave Select Lines.
  • In Master Mode – bit rate generated is System Clock/2.
  • In Slave Mode – bit rate supported is ≤ System Clock/8.
  • Programmable SCK Phase and Polarity.
  • Supports Repeated Start and Fast Read Operation.
  • Transaction Layer implemented in HDL Source code as well.
  • Programmable internal data path width from 1 byte to 64 bytes.
  • Software APIs available for direct SPI Slave Device Register Read/Write.
  • Easy-to-use interface with handshaking signals.
  • Fully Synchronous design with single clock domain.
  • Technology independent HDL Source code.
  • Supports all FPGA devices.
  • Well proven IP against multiple SPI devices.

IP Data Fact Sheet


Resources Utilization


@ 200 MHz

50 MHz 4 Byte Data Path LUTs FFs Block RAMs (Mbps)
300 400 0

Provided with IP

Documents Product Specification
Net-list EDIF/QXP/NGD file
Design Files RTL-VHDL (Optional)
Reference Design Provided

Design Tools

Simulation ModelSim SE
Synthesis Tool Xilinx ISE 14.4/Altera Quartus 10.1
Three Month Support Provided

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