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Video Jitter Correction Board

Video captured from thermal imaging systems, hand-held camcorders is typically jerky due to small, unwanted camera movements. Various video stabilization techniques are used to generate stabilized video sequence.

Video Jitter Correction (VJC) System is an embedded solution to generate a stabilized videosequence by modeling theundesirable camera movements and eradicating them from the input video sequence. Thesystem is alsotargeted to equip the imagers with the capability of video acquisition, video streaming and video analytics. The whole system is broadlydivided into fourmajor components:

Video Capturing & Video Processing Unit: For receiving PAL video data@25 fps and applying video jitter correction to the input video. It is implemented in the PL portion of the FPGA.

Video Compression Unit: The raw data rate of the frames generated for PAL video @ 25 fps is 20 M-Byte/Sec, which the Ethernet/ USB can’t support. Hence, it is necessary to compress the video data before streaming.The JPEG compression is used for this purpose. The JPEG compressed video can be saved in a SD Card present on the board. The saved video will be in the form of sequence of JPEG images. The video can later be retrieved in a host PC using  USB interface.

Video Archiving & Streaming Unit: Forarchiving and streaming. The JPEGcompressed video can be streamed overEthernet interface to a PC. Asocketconnection will be created between host PC and ZYNQ board forstreaming.

Post Processing & User Control Unit: Userfriendly GUI runningon PC with media player to display the video andalsoto control somefunctionalities of video streaming/archival.


Video captured from thermal imaging systems, hand-held camcorders, surveillance cameras, etc. is typically jerky due to small, unwanted camera movements. VJC is highly effective in removing the jitter and stabilizing the videos.

Military Applications

Intelligence Gathering/ Battlefield Reconnaissance/Weapons Guidance.

Civilian Applications

Homeland Security/ Remote Video Monitoring/ Agricultural Applications like the spread of locusts / Oil Spill Monitoring /Oceanography/ Monitoring traffic/Perimeter security/ Vandalism Deterrence, etc.


  • VJC is a rugged Embedded solution based on ZYNQ FPGA
  • 20 M-Byte/sec Frame Generation for PAL video @ 25 fps
  • JPEG Compression
  • 512 MB, 16-bit wide DDR3 component Memory System
  • SDIO interface to provide User-Logic access to general purpose non-volatile SDIO Memory Cards
  • Composite video supporting PAL-B format on SMB Connector
  • Communication Interfaces: RS232; USB 2.0; Ethernet
  • Configuration Options: On Board non-volatile memory; JTAG; Some functionality through Software GUI
  • Power Supply: 12V DC @2A output on Nicomatic Connector
  • LEDs: Status; Power; FPGA & User LEDs

Software Specifications

A Window based Software GUI is provided in Tab format for ease of use

Video Jitter


¨ Real time motion estimation, 25 fps
¨ Run time configurability of the filter-widths
JPEG Compressed Video Streaming


¨ USB Interface
¨ Ethernet Interface
¨ Over local area network
¨ 13-15 frames per second
Video Archival ¨ On board, supported frame rate between 13-15 fps
¨ Storage done on SD Card
Video Editing on GUI ¨ Video editing option provided on Graphical User Interface
On Board

Operating System

¨ PETA-Linux-v2013.10
¨ Terminal window accessible over Serial Port
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