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High Speed Camlink Video capturing board

Megapixel Sensor Interface Board takes video input, control & power from Sensor over high speed 100 pin BGA Samtec connector.


  • Healthcare: In telenursing, remote guidance, etc.
  • Manufacturing: In ‘Pick and place’ machines, in monitoring therobotics, etc.
  • Network Security: In security applications
  • Personal Use: In camcorders, mobile phones, etc.
  • Astronomy & Astrophotography: In analog “low light” cameras for live image display and internet video broadcasting of celestial objects


  • State-of-the-art frame grabber single board solution based onVirtex-6 FPGA
  • Ultimate performance providing the very fastest image acquisition without any CPU intervention
  • Minimize space requirements and maximize PC compatibility
  • Heat sink directly mounted on chassis wall cut-out of the Camera
  • Cam-link through 100 pin BGA connector
  • LVDS Video input from HD-CCD Camera
  • Video DAC (Video std: HD VGA)
  • 24 bit HDMI Output
  • Memory: 1024 Mbit Parallel flash; 1024 Mb of Parallel NOR Flash; 12 no. of SRAMs@250MHz each of size 4Mx18
  • Communication Interfaces: 2 RS422; 2 RS232; USB COM Port
  • System Clock 40 MHz and 100MHz
  • Power Input: 18-36V
  • Controller FOC and FOV
  • Comparator: Max922
  • LEDs: Status; Power; FPGA; User
  • JTAG on 10 pin Nicomatic Connector
  • Flexible PCB with both ends having 100 pin mating Samtec connector

Software Specifications

  • A Window based Software GUI is provided in Tab format for ease of use
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Connectors on Main PCB 
RS-232/RS422 Interface Reset Switch
GPIOs 18-36V external supply
Motor driver and comparator input 100 Pin Samtec connector forvideo input
Out2 and Out3 power out 40 pin High density Samtec for HDMI, USB, Camlink
Out4 power for CCD USB Mini-B
Power Input SMB connectors for RGB analog Out
JTAG KEL-FRC 30 pin connector forHD-CCD input
Connectors on Panel PCB
HDMI Straight connector VGA HD15 straight connector
Cam-link SDR 26 Straightconnector SMB Straight for VGA from inside
Mini-B USB Straight connector SAMTEC 40 pin connector from inside
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