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Arbitrary Waveform Generator Board

Multiple signal scenarios like RF Scenario, Acoustic Scenario, Multi-target are generated using MATLAB/LabVIEW as IQ Waveform. IQ-Arbitrary Waveform Generator (IQ-AWG) generates IQ Waveform for programmable transmitted pulse-width, band-widths and center frequencywhich is required for functional & dynamic testing of Signal Processing Hardware like Radar Signal Processing, Sonar Signal Processing and Weapon Communication before actual field testing of the hardware.


In Air-borne systems such as Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and UAV communication systems to simulate the behavior of returns at the receiver input.

Military Applications Intelligence Gathering/Battlefield Reconnaissance/Weapons Guidance.

Civilian Applications Topographic Mapping/Geology and Mining/Oil Spill Monitoring/Sea Ice Monitoring/Oceanography/Agricultural Classification and Assessment/Land Use Monitoring/Planetary Investigations.


  • IQ-AWG is a rugged dual board solution based on Kintex-7 FPGA with over 1.25G samples/second
  • DigitalInterface Board (DIB) having all peripheral high-speedinterfaces such as USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and PCIeGen2X4.
  • Analog Processing Board (APB) consisting ofDACs, I-Q Modulator and Digital Attenuator.
  • Micro SD Card slot support up to 8 GB for Standalone Operation.
  • Two LVDS triggerinputs/outputs from GPIO header with level translator circuitry.
  • Configuration options: On Board Flash; JTAG; Software GUI.
  • 3 DACs with 1250 MSPS 16bit resolution with dual channel I&Q.
  • Two Fixed Gain Amplifiers with 14db amplification.
  • Two Digitally controlled Attenuators.
  • Two IQ Modulators with frequency range 300 MHz to 4 GHz.
  • External Clock input.
  • A Dual PLL – LMK Synthesizer to generate DAC’s clocks with reference to external Clock input.
  • An External LO input Signal of frequency of range from 300 MHz to 4 GHz from SMA connected to IQ-Modulator LO input.
  • Power Supply:240V AC 50Hz Input Socket/12V DC output.
  • Support for two independent IQ and DAC Channels.
  • Easy Software API for controlling IQ Waveform Generation.
  • Enhancement available to further increase the DDR memory.


Software Specifications

A Window based Software GUI is provided in Tab format for ease of use.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator Board 1
Center Frequency 400 MHz to 4 GHz
Bandwidth ≤ 500 MHz (Two-sided)
Amplitude Ripple ±1 dB
Output Level 0 ± 1 dBm
Signal Delay ≤ 1 µs
Out of Band Spurious Rejection -60 dBc
DAC Sampling Rate 1.25 GSps
FPGA-DAC Interface Speed 625 MSps
DAC bit-width 16 bits
SNR ≤ 100 ps
Input & Outputs
IQ Waveform Channel 0 SMA Out 0 dBm
IQ Waveform Channel 1 SMA Out 0 dBm
Trigger 0 TTL In 3.3 V
Trigger 1 TTL In 3.3 V
Sinusoidal Clock SMA In 10 to 140 MHz
External LO SMA In 0 dBm
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