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PCI Express

Use our PCI Express Cards capable for Gen4 for various test & validation purpose and for customise data processing inside FPGA

As the CPU is losing its steam on targeted data processing, GPU and FPGAs are gaining popularity for targeted processing. GPUs are mainly being used in video based processing, while FPGA being totally configurable can be used for all kind of data processing, with lower cost & power. Logic Fruit’s Xilinx Ultra Scale based half-length PCIE Gen4 capable card is suitable for various use models starting for test & validation tool to targeted data processing inside FPGa.

How do PCI Express cards work?

PCIe express card can be plugged into development machine or Severs, where the FPGA’s high speed transceiver implement the physical layer of PCIe protocol. Although the physical layer has been advancing doubling it throughput at every 5 years, the SW legacy system remains same since PCI days.

Once BIOS detect an PCIe card, it enumerates it and the lower level device driver moves the data to and from PCIe card to different system components such as system memory.

Why are PCIe cards better?

How is it that with a serial connection PCI Express is able to offer such high speeds? The answer lies in how PCIe physical layer has been constructed using high speed lines which combines multiple serials lines and make a fat pipe. Then system prioritizes data and allows the most important data packet to move first. Advancement in the physical components of the connectors, better handshaking and error detection and improvement in the methods of creating data packets has also contributed to making PCI Express faster than its predecessors.

Why PCIe expansion slots by Logic Fruit Technologies?

With close to a decade delivering innovative embedded solutions in the fast-moving world of technology, Logic Fruit has proven itself to be at the frontier of cutting-edge technological breakthroughs.

As a member of PCI-SIG (a consortium of 800+ companies maintaining PCI Express format specifications), Logic Fruit Technologies has a proven track record in developing effective and efficient design-to-test methodologies for PCIe Generation1/2/3/4 technology.

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