High Speed Transceivers (GTX, GXB) running upto 12 Gbps

High speed transceivers (GTX) is one of the key expertise when working with high-speed FPGA design. Some of the example where it may be required is given below

  • For different high speed interfaces e.g. PCIe (8 Gbps), Giga-bit Ethernet, SRIO, USB 3.0.
  • To connect between FPGA and DSP using SRIO.
  • In Optical Transport Network (OTN) up-to (OTN1) 2.5G, (OTN2) 10G, and (OTN3) 40G.


Logic-Fruit has worked on high speed GTX for PCIe Gen3, DigRFv4 and SRIO. We’ve worked GTX speed up-to 8Gbps. We’ve also worked on 8b to 10b, 128 to 130 bit encoding schemes. We’ve also worked on design where GTX is run at oversampled clock (integer or fractional oversampling ratio), and then a data recovery unit (DRU) is used outside the GTX IP to down-sample the data.

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