HEVC Main/Main10 profile encoding up to Level 5.1

LFT HEVC-A is a real-time hardware encoder IP core, supporting the latest video compression HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard. The design is highly scalable, requires minimal integration time and capable of processing resolutions up 4K real time with minimal hardware resources and power consumption. The design incorporates latest optimizations proposed in the literature blended with the expertise of Logic Fruit group.

Key Encoding Tools

  • I,P and B slices
  • Support all Intra-Prediction modes
  • Support all Inter-Prediction modes
  • Coding Tree Block (CTB) sizes from 16×16 to 64×64
  • Transform Unit (TU) sizes from 4×4 to 32×32
  • Up to 2 depths partitioning
  • Weighted prediction
  • Fractional sample interpolation – ¼ pixel
  • Entropy coding modes: CABAC
  • In-loop filters: De-blocking filter
  • Slices, dependent slices, Tiles and WPP (Wavefront Parallel Processing)
  • Per Coding Unit (CU) QP

Supported Interface

  • AMBA APB interface for control registers programming
  • AMBA AXI interface for data access

Key Advantages

  • Any video resolution up to 4K resolution
  • Unique scalable multi-core architecture
  • Fast and easy integration within a wide range of System-On-Chip (SoC) designs
  • Hardware architecture minimizes both gate counts and power consumption
  • Independent entity, requiring minimum support from the SoC embedded CPU
  • Advanced motion estimation algorithms optimized to fit the memory bandwidth and latency requirements of consumer SoCs


vc 1


Documents Product Specification
Design Files RTL-VHDL, C codes (Optional)
Reference Design Provided
System Generator Model Provided (Optional)
MatlabBit-Accurate Model Provided (Optional)

Design Tools

Simulation ModelSim SE
Synthesis Tool Xilinx ISE /Altera Quartus
Three Month Support Provided

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