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RTL Logic Design and Development

Logic Fruit’s Product Engineering Services team provides RTL Logic Design services for FPGA or SOC for its customers worldwide. Applying latest industry standards, Logic Fruit formulate and document coding for RTL Designs. We have in-depth expertise in Front-end RTL Design and SoC integration for a variety of industry verticals.

Our team of design engineers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in the networking, processors, multimedia, mobile and automotive industries. Logic Fruit knows how to balance current designs along with standard IPs and with more than 15+ years of experience on designs going up to multi-million gates, has made it a respected name in the industry with a reputation as the leading RTL design services provider for highly complex designs.

Our RTL Design team has an in-depth detailed understanding of RTL design, synthesis, static timing analysis, formal verification, PLDRC, clock domain crossing, and low power techniques. They closely collaborate with architecture team to define micro-architecture for various blocks of DSP core, develop RTL for multiple logic blocks of a DSP core and sub-system for SoC integration, run various frontend tools to check for linting, clock domain crossing, work with physical design team on design constraint and timing closure, work with low power team on power optimization and work with verification team to collaborate on test plan, coverage plan, and coverage closure. They are experienced in latest RTL languages and tools, including: simulation systems (e.g. Modelsim, VCS), static timing tools (e.g. Prime Time) and synthesis tools (e.g. Design Compiler, Physical Compiler).

Logic Fruit Technologies has designed & implemented ARINC 818 Transmitter & Receiver IP Core supporting multiple line rates up to 4.25Gbps. The IP core has been developed by taking DO-254 Methodology and is having CEMILAC certification.

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