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FPGA Acceleration Design Services

The Product Engineering Team at Logic Fruit provides turnkey FPGA Design Services for multifaceted gate designs for FPGAs from Xilinx, Altera, Quicklogic, Actel, Cypress and Lattice.

Logic Fruit capabilities extend from specification to FPGA to system, with expertise spanning RTL Design, Verification, Floor planning, Timing Closure, design validation and system-level validation. We are experts on working with high density & high speed design.

Logic Fruit is a certified Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and has a very strong base in FPGA design capabilities. At Logic Fruit, the Product Engineering team perpetually endeavors to implement best embedded solutions using FPGA Design Services to match them to its clients’ requirements.

The FPGA Design Services offered by Logic Fruit’s Product Engineering Services team include:

  • Product development (concept to FPGA to system)
  • FPGA technology independent IP development
  • Proof-of-concept / demo system for emerging technologies / standards
  • FPGA prototyping of ASIC designs
  • Retargeting Services: FPGA-to-FPGA, ASIC-to-FPGA
  • Enhancement and sustenance services
  • Concept & feasibility study
  • Technology assessment/vendor selection
  • Micro Architecture Definition
  • RTL modeling (Verilog, VHDL)
  • Synthesizable IP development and integration
  • Design Synthesis and Optimization
  • Floor planning
  • Place & Route
  • High Speed Timing Closure
  • Functional and Gate-level simulation and assertions
  • Post-synthesis simulation
  • Co-simulation
  • BFM testing
  • FPGA debugging via Chip scope, Signal tap logic analyzer etc.
  • Hardware software co-verification
  • System Validation


Languages Verilog, VHDL
EDA Tools Modelsim, Synplify, Xilinx ISE/XST, Altera Quartus
Technology Xilinx (ZYNQ, Kintex, Virtex, Spartan), Altera (Cyclone Soc, Stratix)
Bus/Interfaces PCI-Genx, HDMI, Dphy, Mphy, SRAM, DDRx, USB, Uart, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, Ethernet
Verification Methodology Coverage driven, Assertion driven, Regression automation
Debugging Tool ChipScope, SignalTap, Logic Analyzer, Scope, FPGA editor

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