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DSP Algorithm Implementation

Logic Fruit is one of the leading provider in the field of DSP algorithm implementation. Our team of engineers help customers in selecting suitable DSP processors; developing and designing DSP algorithms, implementing and optimizing DSP software on embedded systems.

Our team has experience on various digital signal processing applications such as Audio/Video codecs, DSL modems and image processing. Logic Fruit specializes in custom DSP Algorithm Implementation for a variety of technologies.

Our services include:
  • Protocol analysis and compliance suites
  • Protocol Library development
  • Protocol stack development
  • Algorithm development
  • Algorithm porting
  • Algorithm Optimization
Some of our Algorithms are:
    • Frame Stitching
    • Blending (Alpha/Weighted Blending)
    • Contour Finding
    • Centroid calculation
    • Bounding-box estimation
    • Target Overlay (Bounding Boxes)
    • HD-SDI output for displaying Panorama
    • PAL output for displaying Panorama
    • Real time data capturing from FPGA and transmission through Ethernet
    • Video frame Annotation.
    • Video Motion Stabilization

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