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Device Driver Development

Our Product Engineering Services team has an unrivaled knowledge of both hardware and software fields and various device drivers that interface these two fields. Logic Fruit provides Device Driver Development services for various processors and leading platforms.

The Logic Fruit’s team has vast expertise in device driver development for I/O devices, integration of peripherals such as video, audio, storage, buses, connectivity, UI, wireless, sensors, etc., and porting of operating systems for assorted embedded devices.

Logic Fruit provides device driver development services for platforms such as Linux, Android, Windows Embedded and VxWorks among others.

Device Driver Development Expertise

Audio/Video: Audio Codecs, Video Codecs, PCM/I2S, Dual Codecs, SPDIF,WDM Driver

User Interface: Touch Screen, LCD, CD-ROM,Graphics Controller, Fingerprint scanner, Mouse, Keypad, GPIO

Storage: HDD, CFlash, NAND/NOR, SATA,  eMMC, SD-MMC, USB Mass Storage, EEPROM

Display: HDMI, LCD, Composite, Component, DVI, MIPI, LVDS, S-Video

Connectivity: IR, Ethernet, USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0

Wireless: GSM, GPS,2G, 3G, W-LAN, Bluetooth, FM, NFC, Zigbee

Communication: SPI, PCI, PCIe, PMC, PC-MCIA, XMC, PCI-X, Serial Port, VME, SCSI, HDLC

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