DDR2/3 Interface Engine

Most of high speed FPGA based project requires multiple master accessing a single DDR3 module. Some example project (which we’ve executed can be)

  • Different Video Processing Algorithm IPs accessing DDR3 at the same time.
  • IQ Data Streaming from Host PC to DDR memory on Card through PCIe/Ethernet interface and also streaming from DDR to multiple high-speed DAC modules.
  • For testing equipment – receiving high speed multi Giga-bit real time data and storing it in real-time in DDR memory and then uploading data to Host-PC for further processing and graphical display.

Some features:

  • 800 MHz, 64 bit DDR modules up-to 8 GB
  • Support for multiple AXI Full data-path width
  • AXI Data-path Down conversion and Up conversion
  • DDR band-width utilization up-to 90% of the available band-width
  • Clock speed up-to 250 MHz
  • Provision for different clock-rate for different Masters
  • Technology independent HDL coding

We’ve designed a multi-master DDR Arbitration mechanism based on AXI-Full (AMBA) bus. An example reference design is shown below:


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