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White Papers

USB Host

Implementing an embedded system with a USB host support can be a challenging task. This paper will provide software guidelines for such integrated solutions, and the factors to be considered/taken care while building these type of systems…. Download

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A Real-time Algorithm for Atmospheric Turbulence Correction

Atmospheric turbulence poses a significant problem in fields like long range surveillance and astronomy. This paper presents an algorithm for correcting atmospheric turbulence. This algorithm is capable of giving real-time performance, processing a 640×480 resolution frame at more than 30 FPS. This algorithm is useful in restoring videos from fixed cameras and videos having negligible background changes w.r.t foreground… Download

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Heat Transfer & Flow Simulation in PCB

The loss of heat from the surface of a PCB to the ambient air is difficult to compute as many process happen at the same time. This situation is much more challenging to describe mathematically since it involves the simultaneous processes of heat spreading by conduction and heat extraction over the surface of the board by convection and radiation. The…

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Designing Testing Equipment Using FPGAs

With requirement of transferring high data throughput with low power consumption, high speed digital protocols are becoming more and more complex. Devices need to overcome challenges of interoperability with different vendors, inherent challenges in adoption of a new technology and ensuring backward compability with previous versions of protocol…. Download

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DDR Routing Topology

Double data rate three (DDR3) is a type of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) released in June of 2007 as the successor to DDR2. DDR3 chips have bus clock speed of 400 MHz up to 1066 MHz, range in size from 1 to 24 GB, and consume nearly 30% less power than their predecessors… Download

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Digital Signaling and Their Inter-conversion

Nowadays we face many ICs which have different interfaces like LVPECL, LVDS, CML, LVCMOS, TTL, HSTL etc. While designing a PCB schematic, interfacing of one IC with another IC with different signalling supported, becomes a hurdle to desgin the circuit. In this case a desginer always look for an ASIC which can act as a bridge between two signalling…… Download

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