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Compute Express Link (CXL): Device Types

Compute Express Link (CXL)

Compute Express Link (CXL) is an open interconnect standard that enables fast, coherent memory access between a host device, such as a CPU, and a hardware accelerator, which manages a heavy workload. With the recent release of Compute Express Link 1.0, a consortium to enable this new standard was established, and its initial interface definition … Read more

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CXL Vs PCIe Gen 5 [The Brief Comparison]

Introduction The PCIe 5.0 standard’s PCIe, 5.0 PHY at 32 GT/s, is used to convey the three protocols that the CXL standard provides. To provide shallow latency paths for memory access and coherent caching between host processors and devices that need to share memory resources, like accelerators and memory expanders, the Compute Express Link standard … Read more

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Compute Express Link (CXL) – Everything You Ought To Know

Compute Express Link

Introduction to Compute Express Link: The most popular method for tying host CPUs to accelerator devices recently is PCI Express. It is an enterprise, desktop, and embedded application-specific high-performance, industry-standard serial I/O interface. PCIe is constrained in a system with several high-bandwidth devices and sizable shared memory pools. Each PCIe hierarchy uses a single 64-bit … Read more

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